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AKA: Sculpture Park

Jurisdictions: FILM BROKEN HILL, Broken Hill City Council

Location Details

Broken Hill Living Desert

Australia / Broken Hill, New South Wales
Location ID: #10129
The Living Desert is 9 kilometres north of Broken Hill and is an area of 2,400 hectares. Also situated on a hilltop, surrounded by tall rocky outcrops are the Sculptures, a range of rock formations 15 - 20 minutes walk from the picnic area.

After rain the perennial wild flowers bloom and in spring the rich blossoms of mulga trees attract a myriad range of birds. This is the land of the raptor, hawks and wedge-tail eagles. The hills are the home of the sure footed rock Euro while on the plains the emus strut and the big reads boom.

Location Category:

  • LANDSCAPES - [general];
  • LANDSCAPES - Bushland / Scrub;
  • LANDSCAPES - Desert / Sand Dunes;
  • LANDSCAPES - Mountains / Valleys;
  • LANDSCAPES - Rock Formations / Cliffs;
  • PUBLIC ART - [general];
  • PUBLIC ART - Sculptures

Location Address

Living Desert Reserve
Broken Hill
New South Wales 2880
Region: FAR WEST

Contact Details

240 Blende Street
(PO Box 448)
Broken Hill, NSW 2880
Contact Phone: (08) 8080 3300
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